The Law of Creation:
How the Law of Attraction Fits In the Gospel
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What would it be like if you had power to create the exact life you wanted? If there was a way to transform struggle and thrive in a life of ease and joy would you be interested?
Perhaps you have heard about the Law of Attraction before.  It's a New Age teaching that is based on the understanding that whatever you focus on, you create more of.  

Are you focusing on the negative in life? You'll get more negative. Are you focusing on the positive? You'll receive more positive.  

Yet, as simple as it sounds to just "think happy thoughts", we humans are a bit more complex.  

It's one thing to say it, and quite another to feel it and believe it on the deepest level.  This level of deep belief is where the true "attraction" occurs.

Perhaps, like me, you have come across this teaching and held both curiosity and skepticism in the same hand. Is this really true? And perhaps most importantly, how does this fit in with my Gospel beliefs? Can I really have anything I want if I just believe it strongly enough? 

I have studied the Law of Attraction for years, and as much as I wanted to fully embrace it, I struggled to reconcile my Gospel beliefs into this framework.  

I had some major questions.
Things like:

  • How does God's will fit into this?
  • What about opposition? If this is true, then victims of abuse and other horrific tragedy would have attracted those experiences.
  • How is this practical? Surely, I have to do more than just "send out my desires into the universe"... Isn't work a necessary principle to receiving what we want?
Questions can be an important spark for learning. As I have come to the scriptures and to the Lord--ready and willing to learn, I have found the answers I have sought.

The holes I found in the world's understanding of the Law of Attraction, were completely filled in with Gospel principles. 

The truth is, we absolutely do have the power to create our life...

To act for ourselves, and not be acted upon, and it really does have everything to do with how we think and feel about what we want.  

Join me in this free 1 hr course.

We will cover God's pattern of creation and the four tools we must use to make this pattern work in our own life. You really can create the life you want in a way that is in absolute harmony with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Brooke Snow

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