Become the deliberate creator of your own life.
The Creation Course has helped hundreds of students be more consistent in their habits and goals 
as they live in their true identity as the creator of their life.

Intentionally Create Your Life

Build Sustainable Habits

See Yourself As God Sees You

You have a vision for your future and constantly seek new ways to progress and improve. But no matter how hard you try, something keeps getting in the way. 

Whether you’re...

Constantly putting other people’s needs first instead of making time for your own

Wondering where to start when it comes to bringing your goals and and habits together

Frustrated with yourself for not doing the habits you know you should be doing

Trying to find a Gospel-centered way to implement the self-help concepts you’re seeing everywhere

Just looking for ways to be more consistent in your habits without feeling like you have to be perfect all the time

No matter where you are in your progression through this earthly journey...
You’re in the right place!

When you complete The Creation Coach lessons
you will have:

A Clear Vision of
Your True Identity

Become who God created you to be as you learn by experience what it’s like to live in your potential as your true self.

Knowledge and Tools
Centered in Gospel Principles

Each lesson builds on the previous lesson and gives you information and tools to create balanced habits of the mind, body, and spirit.

A Stronger Connection to the True Source of Change

As you apply the lessons and learning from those certifying with you, you’ll learn to rely on the creation power that comes from agency and the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

The Creation Coach Program Includes:

27 Creation Lessons to Guide You Each Step of the Way

Lasting knowledge comes when you learn principles line upon line. The 27 creation lessons are presented in an intentional sequence that allows you internalize what you learn.

Digital workbook to accompany and extend your learning

Impactful change occurs when you put what you’re learning into action. The exercises and journaling your answer to the questions in the digital workbook will help you extend and deepen what you are learning.

10 guided meditations to help you connect with the Divine each day.

Meditation is a critical tool help create the calm, present focus that allows us to co-create our lives with our Heavenly Father. These meditations will be a continuous resource throughout the course.

18 Pre-Recorded Q&A Calls with Brooke Snow

These Q&A calls with Brooke dive deeper into the topics we cover in The Creation Coach Program.  You have the opportunity to watch individuals be coached by Brooke.

Lifetime access to the materials

Learning happens in cycles. You’ll have lifetime access to the material in the Creation Course so that you can continue to learn, grow and show up in your true identity no matter what life throws your way.


This allows you to split the cost of the program with a friend or gift it to someone you'd love to have as an accountability partner.  Either way, we want you to feel supported through this process and have someone to learn with!
“Tying together the concepts of personal coaching and spiritual improvement, The Creation Course has facilitated my growth in an encouraging, supportive way. 

If you want to both deepen your connection with God and create a more fulfilling life, this program is a great way to accomplish that.”
Amanda Segeberg

How It Works

Enroll in The Creation

The Creation Course is available to begin whenever you’re ready to start your own transformative journey. Enroll now!

Complete the Lessons

You’ll have immediate access to the full course, but true transformation takes time and reflection as you complete each lesson.

Live Into Your Identity as a Creator

On completion of all the lessons, you’ll have the knowledge and toolkit you need to create a fulfilling life.

Join Creation Course today!

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    I'm certain that your experience in Creation Coach Certification will change your life and I invite you to fully participate to experience this transformation. If you find this isn't the program for you, return it in 30 days for a full refund.

    My Story...

    Brooke Snow, Founder of The Creation Coach School

    I know what it feels like to do "all the right things" and still feel distant to God.  

    I know what it feels like to compare myself to others and always come up short...Wondering if I really have something unique to offer the world like those I admire.

    I know what it feels like to long for supportive habits and rituals but feel stuck responding to others needs before my own.

    I also know that everything changed when I discovered that God’s law of creation was a powerful spiritual framework to help me live into my true identity as the creator of my life. Everything changed when I learned how to be more consistent in my habits so I could act for myself, and not be acted upon. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in partnership with the Lord and put all of it together in the concepts and tools you’ll learn in this course.

    I don’t want you to look back months from now and feel frustrated because you’re still feeling stuck in the same place. I'm certain that your experience in Creation Course will change your life and I invite you to fully participate to experience this transformation. 


    Karen LaCouture

    "This is a brilliant combination of the best in self help fitted well into the parameters of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have always been a self help junkie, but this - THIS is what I have been yearning for! Brooke has been taking me on a journey that has truly changed me. At 62 years old, I wasn’t sure it was possible. By doing what she teaches in her lessons consistently, I am discovering that I AM changing in important ways. I have come to love and accept myself and to really feel the love of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ like I never have before."
    “ Without a doubt, this program will be one of the most positive, insightful, and life changing moves you could make to help bridge the gap of understanding the spiritual and physical and creating the needed change to become the person you are designed to be.”
    Megan Johnson
    "My biggest takeaway from this program is that we can create a different story. 
    That sounds simplistic I know - but it is seriously amazing!"
    Lauren Turner
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